Now You Can Play Boogie Woogie Solos From
Start to Finish Effortlessly!

You don't have to spend your time and effort working out the notes...
We've done the hard work for you.

Dr K writes,
"I often improvise in my YouTube Videos, that’s the nature of boogie woogie. The problem is that it’s difficult to slow down riffs and solos to the exact speed learners require. We play the riffs slow, but sometimes not slow enough!"

As Dr K subscriber Ellen Meade puts it,
"Even with the easy bits, it would be nice to have the sheet music in front of you."

Imagine if you could:
  • Understand EVERYTHING Dr K plays
  • Learn the YouTube lessons in less than half the time
  • Nail, once and for all, the “difficult bits” in the tutorial videos
  • Carry the sheet music with you to study when and where you want
  • Play boogie woogie with confidence to family, friends and in public
  • "Steal" Dr K's coolest boogie riffs
  • Watch the YouTube tutorials just ONCE and start to play
  • Increase your boogie woogie skills and knowledge by 100%
And that's just for starters!


I’ve spent a ton of money on all kinds of blues and boogie tutorial books. Most of them were pretty average and didn’t really improve my playing. Dr K’s user-friendly material, however, has literally skyrocketed my boogie playing to the next level! The Badass Boogie Bundle Pdf is unquestionably the best boogie purchase I have ever made!
Gavin Ingham, Yorkshire, UK (Motivational Speaker and Author of “Motivate People” and “Objections! Objections! Objections!”)

After spending just an hour with the Bundles I knew I had got more than my money’s worth. Heck, in the past I’ve often paid double the price of the Boogie Bundles just for some a--hole to sit beside me and show me how to play Yankee friggin’ Doodle for 30 minutes! The material presented in the Badass Boogie Bundles is absolutely priceless if you are a boogie woogie student or enthusiast.
Alex Roy, Vancouver, Canada

I bought the both the Badass Boogie Bundles when they first came out and I can honestly say that there is a lifetime of learning distilled in these pages. The sheet music, history, culture, listening skills, performance techniques, how to practise, how to improvise boogie…everything! I am still totally blown away by the depth of material contained in the Bundles.
Rich Korona, Arizona, USA

Badass Boogie Bundle Volume 1

The Badass Boogie Bundle™ Vol 1

Go to youtube playlist Click Here to view all the lessons transcribed in the Badass Boogie Bundle

The Badass Boogie Bundle™ PDF download contains detailed, note-for-note, transcriptions of:

That's 60 of Dr K's most popular boogie woogie YouTube lessons.
All transcribed in easy-to-read, sheet music form.

Book Sample
Click to print FREE sample of
the Badass Boogie Bundle

Bonus Materials

The Badass Boogie Bundle™ PDF also includes the following valuable bonuses:

NEW Badass Boogie Bundle Volume 2 NEW

The Badass Boogie Bundle™ Vol 2

Go to youtube playlist Click Here to View all the lessons transcribed in Badass Boogie Bundle Volume 2

With the wonders of modern technology, Dr K has created 100% accurate sheet music transcriptions of the following series of YouTube Lessons:

Book Sample
Click to print FREE sample of
the Badass Boogie Bundle Volume 2

Bonus Materials

The Badass Boogie Bundle Volume 2 includes the following badass bonuses:


  • What happens when I pay for the Badass Boogie Bundle with my credit card?
    You will automatically be emailed a link to the Badass Boogie Bundle PDF Download. When you click on the link you can download the PDF file to your computer and/or print it off immediately.
  • What happens if for some reason I don't get a link?
    Check your junk/spam box first, as Hotmail and Yahoo are often oversensitive in classifying automatic emails as spam.
  • I've checked my emails and my junk box and there's no link/my computer's blown up/got stolen/got a virus/I've deleted the link by mistake/my iPad is playing up/the zip file's gone missing/my mobile phone got thrown out of the window...etc Help!
    No problem! Just email DR K directly at and he will email you the Badass Boogie Bundle personally, usually within 24 hours.
  • What is the difference between the original Badass Boogie Bundle and the Badass Boogie Bundle Vol 2?
    They are two totally different products. The Badass Boogie Bundle Vol 2 contains 60 brand new boogie woogie sheet music transcriptions (not contained in the original Badass Boogie Bundle) as well as other exciting boogie bonuses! Each Bundle stands on its own as a world-class boogie woogie learning system, but together…..they’re dynamite!
  • Do I need the Badass Boogie Bundle Vol 2 if I already own the original Badass Boogie Bundle?
    If you wish to continue your boogie woogie education, the simple answer is YES.
  • Do the transcriptions in the Bundle contain Dr K’s boogie woogie improvisations in the lessons, or just the lessons?
    The best way to answer this question is to print out the FREE sample of the transcriptions on this page and compare them with the relevant YouTube lessons. You’ll see that the transcriptions contain EVERYTHING.

Badass Boogie Bundle: Volume 1

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Badass Boogie Bundle: Volume 2

Regular Price: $367
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Badass Boogie Bundle: Volume 1 and Volume 2

With all 8 bonuses included

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